Beaujolais village red Cuvée vieilles vignes

Resulting from old vines, slopes exposed very well, this wine is the pride of our cellar. Accompanying very well all the mets by the table, it will astonish you! A few years of cellar succeeds to him perfectly.

Beaujolais villages red

Its dress ruby and its fruity bouquet will allure you. Pleasant, it preserves its fruit red scents perfectly. This wine Marie very well with pork-butchery, meat and cheese.

Beaujolais villages red Fut de chêne

Preserved in pieces of wood of 215 liters "wine raised at old"

Beaujolais white

Resulting from Chardonnay type of vine, this wine is light and fruity; amateur of white, it will allure you, taste it!

Beaujolais rosy Cuvée des grandes vignes

In refreshing matter, it is light, fond of delicacies and consumes itself fresh at the time of an aperitif or accompanying an entry (very appreciated injuries).

Traditional Method Cuvée Manon

Worked out according to the Champagne method, this wine of festival par excellence is used fresh with aperitif or the dessert.

Crémant de Bourgogne

Fruité et pétillance, this wine of festival par excellence is used fresh with aperitif or the dessert.

Le P'tit Paradis

Issu du cépage Gamay, réputé pour son fruité, riche en vitamines et oligo-éléments, il est idéal à consommer à tous moments de la journée.

Pétillant Rosé

Ses bulles légères, ses arômes de fruits frais, feront vite de ce pétillant rosé le compagnon de vos apéritifs, desserts et autres moments festifs

Cuvée des Conscrits

Elaboré dans les vignes en coteaux ensoleillés, ce vin fruité, gourmand et généreux se servira lors de vos repas et défendra avec classe votre décennie. Conservation de 5 à 10 ans suivant millésime.

Beaujolais-Villages and Gite in Beaujolais
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We welcome you individually or in groups (to 60 people), We will be happy to make you share our passion of the vine and the wine. The vault of tasting, the typical charm of the Beaujolais wine-Villages awaits you.

Cuvéé des Conscrits

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