Beaujolais-Villages and Gite in Beaujolais
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Balade au coeur des vignes
Franck Lathuiliere - Chief Operating Officer Franck LATHUILIERE
Chief Operating Officer
Christophe - Vineyard worker Christophe
Vineyard worker
Balade au coeur des vignes suite Exposed to south-east and with a fine view over the Saône valley to the east, and the Alps beyond visible on a clear day, the vines of Domaine des Arbins draw their sap from the granite of the slopes beaujolais wine. The privileged exposure explains the maturity of the fruits and gives wines which one will appreciate the youth of character, even after two or three years.

Wine growers for generations, we have gradually expand our 13 hectares hillsided domain.

Photo of Grandfather LATHUILIERE The Grandfather LATHUILIERE
Vines resulting from the type of vine gamay on the AOC * Beaujolais Villages wine red and rosy with a weak poucentage of Chardonnay for the AOC White Beaujolais wine. (* AOC: Appelation d'origine contrôlée, The highest regional source classification for French wines)

We work in INTEGRATED CULTURE: that consists in respecting nature, the ground and the vine while bringing final quality to our wines.

Schedule of work

WINTER Cut stocks out of goblets
SPRING Prevention counters the diseases
Plantations if need be
Putting under grass: to sow grass enters the rows of vines to fight against erosion and then to mow it regularly
SUMMER Raising: attach vine shoots of the same foot
Shearing: cut end of the branches
AUTUMN Grape harvest: manual picking of the bunches of grapes with a team of a score of people nourished and hosted on the estate during 2 small weeks.
Wine making: The Domaine des Arbins combines the art of formerly (press out of wood) and modern means (cuvage functional)